Consider the following questions before you plan on taking your business online

In case you aren’t much familiar with the answers, we’ve got you covered.

To take your business to the digital platform, you need a full functioning website. A domain name is a URL that people will have to enter in the search bar.

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Selecting a domain name

The name needs to be unique. We follow the guidelines regarding the length and format of a domain name which is predetermined.

  • Client suggests a few desired domain names.
  • We check whether the domain names are available or not.
  • The client selects the best-suited domain name from the list of available domain names.

Registration of the domain name

  • Purchasing domain name from the registrar

     (eg., GoDaddy).

The domain is yours!

The domain name needs to be relevant to your business and unique. We ensure that the domain name purchased is not used by someone else. We will help you choose a domain name that is relevant to the frequently used keywords.

Even after domain registration, we will continue to assist you with the maintenance of the domain. Check our services for Hosting Solutions.


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